OREANDA-NEWS. The United States and Russia have agreed to change control over the Syrian city of Manbij. After the Americans leave, Russian forces must settle there, Newsweek writes, citing an unnamed senior Pentagon official. According to the source, on Monday the US troops were delivered a 24-hour deadline to exit Manbij. “Essentially, it's a broadcast”, he said. Americans should quickly deal with their equipment in the city and destroy equipment that cannot be taken out, the Pentagon representative added. On the evening of October 14, media reported that the Turkish military was advancing on Manbij.

US President Donald Trump said that the US military won't be able to protect the Kurds in Syria, as they are "largely" withdrawn from the country. In response to the Ankara operation, Washington imposed sanctions against the Turkish Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Defense, their leaders, as well as against the Minister of the Interior. Trump promised up to 50% to raise steel duties for Turkey and stop trade negotiations.