OREANDA-NEWSThe need to convene a commission to implement the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan on the Iranian nuclear program is overdue, as long as there are no specific dates. This was announced on Wednesday by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov to journalists.

“We are in favor of holding this event, a frank conversation has matured. We must look into each other’s eyes and understand what we are going to do in this connection,” Ryabkov said, answering the question of the Russian media about the terms of the commission’s meeting. “For now, unfortunately “There is no joint response from the EU coordinators”. At the same time, he added that the United States and its allies continue to escalate the situation in the Gulf region in the hope that "someone can lose their nerves".

On May 8, 2018, the United States withdrew from a joint comprehensive action plan and imposed a number of economic sanctions against Iran, in particular, seeking to completely stop its oil exports. Exactly one year later, Tehran responded by saying that it was no longer fulfilling the terms of the agreement on the observance of the limits for the development of low enriched uranium and heavy water. Iran also stated that it intends to stop upgrading the heavy-water reactor in Arak if the participants in the nuclear deal fail to level down the impact of the US sanctions for 60 days.

The ministry called on other countries not to curtail economic ties with Iran, including not stopping the purchase of Iranian products, and in particular, energy carriers. The Foreign Ministry stressed that Russia is ready to continue to cooperate with Iran “both in the framework of a joint action plan and for the promotion of other bilateral projects”. The ministry also added that the seriousness of what is happening dictates the need to convene a meeting of the Joint Commission provided for by the union.