OREANDA-NEWS Gas exports from Russia to the European Union fell by 28% in five months, while Moscow's revenues still rose, according to a Gazeta.ru report by CNN Business.

According to experts, gas exports from Russia to the EU fell by 28% between January and May 2022. Gas prices rose to an average of 96 per megawatt-hour ($102) in 2022 compared to 2021 data. However, Russia will not receive less revenue from gas exports, but rather much more, as long as no new restrictions are imposed.

The publication noted that the EU continues to pursue the goal of reducing its dependence on Russian gas supplies by gradually increasing LNG imports.

CNN pointed out that Russia cannot fully feel the effects of EU restrictions. Since the start of the special operation in Ukraine and the significant increase in gas prices, Russia has received $47 billion in two months, twice as much as the same period in 2021.

CNN Business added that Russia will find it increasingly difficult to find new gas buyers as more countries refuse supplies and gradually reduce their dependence on Russian fuel.