OREANDA-NEWS. The branch of the terrorist group «Islamic State» (IS) in Afghanistan, calling itself «IG-Khorasan», claimed responsibility for the missile attack on the Kabul airport. The militants fired six rockets at the airport, the «IG-Khorasan» said in a statement published in Telegram on Monday, August 30. The Islamists also said that they have data on the victims of the attack.

In the morning of the same day, the media reported a rocket attack on the Kabul airport. According to Reuters, at least five missiles were fired towards the airport, several of them were intercepted by US air defense systems. Meanwhile, Al Jazeera TV channel, citing a source in the Islamist «Taliban» movement, indicated that one of the missiles hit the airport territory. According to source, the attack was carried out from the north of Afghanistan. There is no data on possible victims or destruction yet.

White House press Secretary Jen Psaki said that US President Joe Biden has been informed about the missile attack near the Kabul airport. In turn, the head of state confirmed the task to do everything necessary to protect the US forces in Afghanistan.