OREANDA-NEWS The EU has agreed sanctions against eight people because of the incident in the Kerch Strait.

Restrictions in connection with the detention of Ukrainian ships in November 2018 in the Black Sea will be imposed against eight citizens of Russia. This is reported by Bloomberg, citing a source aware of the content of the meetings of European officials in Brussels.

Officially, sanctions can be agreed at a meeting of foreign Ministers of the EU member States next week, he added. To name the names of the Russians, against whom sanctions will be imposed, the source of the Agency refused.

Legal entities will not fall under sanctions, the source added.

Earlier, Sky News and the Financial Times reported that specific measures will be discussed at the meeting of foreign Ministers of the EU countries on February 18, and the final decision can be taken a few weeks after that.

According to these media, the EU is in contact with the US on the new restrictions. Ft sources did not exclude that measures will be taken not only against individuals but also against legal entities.

On February 13, the US Senate introduced a package of restrictive measures against Russia. Some of them senators proposed to extend to 24 FSB officers, "who will be considered involved in the attack in the Kerch Strait."

Russia insists that the Ukrainian sailors were detained and arrested legally. They, according to Moscow, did not notify about their intention to pass through the Kerch Strait and ignored the demands of Russian border guards to stop.

Ukrainian authorities believe that Russia committed an act of aggression and captured warships. The US and Europe expressed solidarity with the position of Kiev.