OREANDA-NEWSThe United States could resume limited nuclear cooperation with Russia in order to improve the security of nuclear materials located in the Russian Federation. This is stated in a report published on Thursday by the Main Audit Office.

“Stakeholders said that there may be opportunities for future bilateral limited cooperation to help improve the safety of Russian nuclear materials. Such opportunities could include technical exchanges and training. These opportunities could provide the United States with more comprehensive information about the risk associated with with Russian nuclear materials", the document says. Possible cooperation, according to the audit body", could help solve problematic issues, for example, by training Russian personnel to help better counter internal threats to the security of nuclear facilities".

At the same time, the GAO listed a number of problems that could interfere with full-fledged bilateral cooperation. "However, any potential cooperation, according to interested parties, faces significant problems, primarily the deterioration of political relations between the two countries", the document says.

The agreements in this regard between the countries have been in effect for about 20 years. "For almost two decades, the United States and Russia have collaborated to improve security at dozens of Russian nuclear facilities", the GAO recall