OREANDA-NEWS The rapprochement of the Chinese ship with the US Navy destroyer in the South-China Sea near the disputed Islands was justified and legitimate. This was stated on Tuesday by the Ministry of Defense of China.

"The Chinese destroyer has taken such actions to identify the American ship in accordance with existing rules and regulations," the Agency's page on the social network Wechat quotes the official representative of Wu Qian.

The Ministry also noted that the appearance of the US Navy destroyer in the South-China Sea near the disputed Islands undermines peace and stability in the region and strikes at the Sino-American relations.

"The entry of an American ship into this area poses a serious threat to the sovereignty and security of China, causing a serious blow to the relations between the two countries and stability in the region," he said. "The Chinese Navy is strongly protesting about this."

According to this information, Beijing will continue to "firmly fulfill its rights" to ensure security in the South China sea.

Earlier, Reuters, citing the Pentagon reported that on September 30, the destroyer of the US Navy "DECATUR "(USS Decatur, DDG-73) during the operation" to ensure freedom of navigation " in the South-China Sea was at a distance of 12 nautical miles from the artificial Islands in the waters of the Spratly archipelago (Nansha), created by China. In the future, as noted by the representative of the Pacific fleet of the US Navy Charles brown, the Chinese destroyer "Luyan" approached the us ship, making " unsafe and unprofessional maneuver."

China has territorial disputes with Brunei, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines over the Paracel Islands (Sisha), the Spratly Islands (Nansha) and the Huangyan (Scarborough reef). Since the end of 2013, Beijing has been carrying out large-scale hydrotechnical and construction work on the creation of artificial Islands, as well as the expansion and development of these territories. The US and Japan accuse the PRC of forming land plots that can be used for military purposes, including converted into naval bases and military airfields.

The Chinese foreign Ministry insists that the United States, like some other countries, is responsible for destabilizing the situation in the South-China Sea.