OREANDA-NEWS The US coast guard will give Ukraine adopted 30 years ago, the boat — USCGC Cushing USCGC Drummond and. This was reported on the official website of the US Department.

As noted in the message, the ceremony of transfer of ships to the Ukrainian Navy is scheduled for Thursday, September 27, in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. The American coast guard noted that the event will come Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

USCGC Drummond and USCGC Cushing is a coast guard cutter. They are able to reach the speed of 56 km/h, time of  autonomous navigation — six days. The crew of this boat consists of 18 people. Both ships were adopted in March and October 1988.

In mid-September, it was reported that Ukraine is increasing its grouping in the sea of Azov. As stated in the Ukrainian General Staff, such measures were taken in connection with the "aggressive actions of Russia" and "reliable protection" of the Ukrainian coastline. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine reported that by the end of the year in the Azov water area it is planned to create a naval base. At the moment, the presence of Ukraine in the sea of Azov provides Mariupol marine protection squad.

The situation in the sea of Azov became complicated in late March, when Ukrainian border guards detained the Russian fishing vessel "Nord". After that, Russia has strengthened security measures, in particular-tightened inspection of ships going to Ukrainian ports through the Kerch Strait.

Now Kiev is constantly complaining about these checks, and accuses Russia of preventing navigation in the Azov sea. Moscow, for its part, noted that the inspections were conducted in accordance with international Maritime law and that the shipowners had not made any claims in this regard.

Later in Kiev declared intention to strengthen its presence in the region has been reported about the transfer of troops to threatens the sea of Azov and plans to establish there a naval base till the end of the year.

Besides, the Ukrainian Ambassador to the USA Valery Chaly declared that the American boats are necessary for "strengthening of opportunities in the black sea basin". At the same time, the command of the Ukrainian Navy recognized that it was unable to achieve military parity with Russia in the region.