OREANDA-NEWS.Solving the Kosovo problem is impossible without the participation of the United States, Russia and other international forces. This was stated on Monday in a live broadcast of the Serbian TV channel by the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic. 

“I would be glad if we established a long-term peace with the Albanians, it would be important for the future of Serbia and it would be good for our citizens. Without Americans, Russians and other world forces it's very difficult to achieve some kind of solution to the Kosovo problem", he said. At the same time, Vucic noted that negotiations can't be productive when one of the parties to the dialogue demands unconditional recognition of its independence within the existing borders.

“Kosovo is an important part of where our people live, we should take care of, about their security, their future, to fight for their survival”, the president said, answering the question what Kosovo and Metohia are for him personally. The Serbian autonomous province of Kosovo and Metohija declared independence unilaterally in February 2008. In 2010, the independence of the region was recognized by the International Court of Justice. Currently, according to Serbia, the Republic of Kosovo is recognized by 99 countries. Pristina claims that such states 117. Over 60 countries, including Russia, Greece, Israel, India, Spain and China, oppose the recognition of Kosovo.

Previously, the authorities of the self-proclaimed Republic of Kosovo organize ghettos for Serbs living there, cutting them off from the Serbian state. Such a statement was made by the Director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija under the Serbian Government, Marko Djuric, according to news sources.