OREANDA-NEWSUkrainian President Vladimir Zelensky called Russia guilty of exacerbating the situation in the Donbass. On Wednesday, June 5, the Ukrainian leader wrote on Facebook that in the past 24 hours shelling of the positions of the Ukrainian military in the east of the country had killed three people. “The aggravation of the conflict is not the best background for the resumption of negotiations", Zelensky addressed the Russian leadership.

The President of Ukraine stressed that “Russian aggression remains a challenge,” and hoped to strengthen contacts between Kiev and NATO. The head of state noted that this situation needs an early resolution.On June 4, during a visit to Brussels, the Ukrainian leader declared that he was ready for negotiations with Russia and for the observance of the Minsk agreements, which are designed to resolve the situation in the east of Ukraine.

In the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic, he was skeptical of his statements, noting that Zelensky was not ready for serious decisions in this area. The deputy of the People’s Council of the DPR, Alexander Kurenkov, reminded that Russia is not a party to the conflict, therefore, wishing to negotiate with her, Zelensky demonstrates that he isn't ready for dialogue with the republics.

The armed conflict in the east of Ukraine began after the coup d'etat in the country in 2014. Residents of Donbass opposed the new government and announced the creation of independent republics. Kiev began the so-called anti-terrorist operation against them. Ukrainian authorities accuse Russia of the current situation. Moscow has repeatedly pointed out that the Russian Federation is not a party to the internal Ukrainian conflict, and urged Kiev to dialogue with the Donbas.