OREANDA-NEWS. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced at a speech in the House of Commons about the impending abolition of most coronavirus restrictions imposed in the conditions of detection of the «omicron» strain. In particular, the UK cancels vaccine passports, the obligation to wear masks in public places and the recommendation to work from home.

«From next week, the previously introduced measures will cease to operate», the head of the British government said. He did not specify the reason for this cancellation, adding that the authorities are canceling the mandatory requirement to show an electronic certificate of full vaccination when visiting some mass events and nightclubs. In addition, the government will not extend the self-isolation regime due to COVID-19 after March 25.

Earlier, the British tabloid The Mirror published a revealing article about «wine parties» in Downing Street, in which Boris Johnson took part. According to the publication, the prime minister regularly attended these entertainment events when the whole country was experiencing a lockdown.

As a result, the Prime Minister's approval rating collapsed to the lowest values during his entire tenure as head of government. Johnson was even remembered dancing with a member of the London Assembly, Janet Arnold, the video was shot back in 2013, but instantly went viral amid the scandal that broke out.