OREANDA-NEWS. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky will not go to Belarus for the economic forum of the regions of the two countries due to the fact that the event will be postponed. This was stated by the Ambassador of Belarus to Ukraine, Igor Sokol.

“Just a few days ago, the Ukrainian side appealed to us with an initiative to postpone the forum to 2021. In fact, joint preparatory work has been canceled,” Sokol said. The diplomat added that the official visit of Zelensky to the forum, which was supposed to take place in Grodno in October 2020, was being prepared. “First of all, the economies of our countries, interregional ties and ties between ordinary people will suffer. It is easy to destroy, it is much more difficult to create,” the Ambassador added.

At the end of August, the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Dmytro Kuleba, said that all contacts with the Belarusian side had been suspended for an indefinite period. According to him, relations will resume as soon as Kiev is convinced that they will not cause reputational, political or moral damage.