OREANDA-NEWS. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that Minsk received information from the Ukrainian authorities about the penetration of a group of “militants” into Belarusian territory from the south.

“The Ukrainians warned us that another group crossed the southern border. We are looking for them all over Belarus,” Lukashenko said. “I don’t really believe that 30 people crossed the border there. We would have found them already. Unless, of course, they left for Russia or returned to Ukraine,” the politician added. “We would have found them on our territory long ago, because we have been tense for a long time and have been acting in this direction,” Lukashenko explained.

The President of Belarus stressed that the special services were tracking the movement of the detained Russians and they know who gave them orders from Russia. “We understood in the context of international relations that they would not let us live in peace. Russia is afraid of losing us,” Lukashenko noted.

He declared that Belarus is ready for an armed rebuff.