OREANDA-NEWS. China will be forced to retaliate if Washington does not stop putting pressure on the Chinese journalists working in the United States of America. This was stated by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin.

“As far as I know, last week some Chinese journalists received a notice that their visa extension applications were approved by the US side. They are valid from August 4 to November 4. In other words, their actual validity period is less than a week, and some have only three days. They have no choice but to immediately apply for an extension again. At the same time, some of the journalists have not yet received a response from the American side,” Wang Wenbin said.

As he noted, such actions by the US authorities prevent Chinese journalists from pursuing their professional activities. “Once again we call on the United States to immediately stop this, to stop exerting political pressure on Chinese journalists. Otherwise, China will be forced to take decisive measures,” the diplomat said.