OREANDA-NEWS. Citizens of Belarus will be fined for the white-red-white flag on the balcony or on the window. There will be a fine of $225 (580 Belarusian rubles) for using this prohibited symbol. The management of organizations will have to pay $677 (1 740 Belarusian rubles) for the demonstration of protest flag. The amendments were developed on behalf of the president Alexander Lukashenko. It will come into force on March 1, 2021, Sputnik reports.

Protests began in the cities of Belarus after the announcement of the preliminary results of the presidential election. According to official data, more than 80% of the voting participants supported Lukashenko. The protesters believe that the results of the vote are rigged. They demand the resignation of Lukashenko and the holding of new elections without him.

Recently, a resident of the Grodno region of Belarus was put on trial for painting several dozen trees in the colors of the flag, used by the opposition. He also hung effigies in the form of local police officers at bus stops. He is charged with public insult to the authorities and malicious hooliganism.