OREANDA-NEWS. The Czech authorities did not provide convincing evidence of their version of the events in Vrbetica, allegedly with the participation of GRU agents. This was announced to RIA Novosti by the former head of the military intelligence of the Czech Ministry of Defense, Brigadier General Andor Sandor.

Andor Sandor said in this regard: “I was surprised by the official explanation of the events in Vrbetica, with which the government came. I’m not saying that this is not true. But we have not received a single qualitative proof that the explosions in the warehouses were done by the GRU agents. Anatoly Chepiga and Alexander Mishkin were on the eve of the explosions in Ostrava - this is documented in the hotel, but the fact that they were actually in warehouses in Vrbetica is denied both by representatives of the Imex Group and its lawyer. "

According to the general, he was very surprised that almost 7 years after the events in Vrbetica, the leaders of the Czech government, having voiced such a loud version, did not provide any evidence to support it.

Sandor said: “If the explosions were really done by the people from the GRU, then they should have had assistants at the warehouse and assistants at the state level who would have informed them that this company was going to export weapons to Bulgaria. They couldn't read about it in Komsomolskaya Pravda, could they?! "

At the same time, the general believes that the Imex Group would not have been able to obtain official permission to export weapons to the prohibited region in 2014. According to Sandor, the Czech authorities would in no way allow the export of weapons to Ukraine or Syria, he is absolutely sure of this.

Returning to the topic of informing the public on April 17 by the leaders of the Czech Cabinet of Ministers about the incident in Vrbetica, Sandor noted that they were clearly not ready for this and made their statements in a hurry and chaotic.