OREANDA-NEWS. Former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani was preparing his escape in advance. One of the security service employees in the administration of the head of state wanted to prevent this, but was fired. This is reported by the 1TV channel.

«A month before the fall of Kabul, Ashraf Ghani conducted escape training events for rescue», the report says. It is noted that the authorities and security forces had been preparing for the removal of a large amount of money during Ghani's escape for at least a week. The so-called «triangle for withdrawing money from banks» was formed, which consisted of the presidential administration, the National Directorate of Security and former Vice President Amrullah Saleh. The previous Afghan authorities, presumably, during the last week before the Taliban took Kabul (movement is prohibited in the Russian Federation) illegally withdrew large sums from banks, and then could participate in money laundering.

On August 16, the Taliban finally captured the whole of Afghanistan. Ashraf Ghani resigned as president of Afghanistan and fled the country. Afghanistan's envoy to Tajikistan, Zahir Agbar, said Ghani had taken $169 million with him when fleeing the country. The politician loaded this money on board number one. The diplomat called Ghani's act insane, because the leader of Afghanistan promised to stay in Kabul and resist the Taliban. The former president himself explained his resignation by saying that he did not want any bloodshed.