OREANDA-NEWS. The head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen believes that the topic of the gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 should be reintegrated into a broader issue of relations with Russia. According to her, the European Union previously viewed the pipeline as an economic project, but she believes that at the same time it has a political dimension.

According to the politician, Russia is not going to change its approach to it; therefore, the European Union should reintegrate this topic into the broader issue of its relations with Moscow. In her opinion, there is a diminishing hope that relations with Russia will develop in connection with Nord Stream 2. Von der Leyen said that Moscow’s behaviour has not improved and even tends to deteriorate.

On September 17, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the Russian Federation in connection with the situation with opposition politician Aleksey Navalny; in particular, the deputies called to stop the construction of Nord Stream 2.