The German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said:"Taking into consideration the historical and moral responsibility of Germany, we ask Namibia and the offsprings of the victims for forgiveness".

The minister also stressed that from today, Germany will officially call the mass murders in 1904-1908 in Namibia depopullation .

As a recompense, Germany will spend $ 1.3 billion to financially support Namibians and the next generations of the victims.Maas stressed that the money is being paid in avowal of the "enormous miseries wreaked on the victims". The money will be paid by Germany over 30 years: the funds will go to infrastructure projects in Namibia, health care and various education and training programs for the country's residents.

This decision was the result of a five-year conversation process with Namibia, which was under German occupation from 1884 to 1915.

Germany admitted the fact of genocide in 2015, after which conversations began with Namibia on financial compensation.

However, as it is said by Namibia's state newspaper New Era, a number of tribal leaders denied to recognize the compensation agreement between Namibia and Germany.

Massacres in German South-West Africa on the territory of modern Namibia began in 1904 - after the uprising of the Herero and Nama tribes, who opposed the seizure of their land and livestock by Germany.

The German Expeditionary Force put down the revolt of the Herero and Nama tribes with a heavy hand, which constituted the majority of the country's population. A lot f people died.

According to historians, from 65 to 80 thousand herero and about 20 thousand nama died in total.

After the mass murders, the lands of the local people were divided and transferred to German settler farmers.

Most of the Herero and Nama now live on overflowing communal lands or in cities. About 40% of Namibia's population is slum dwellers.

In 2015, Germany officially admitted the events as depopullation and began negotiations with Namibia on compensation.

The agreement is expected to be signed by the German foreign minister in Namibia in June, after which it should be supported by the parliaments of both countries.

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier is expected to visit Namibia and personally apologize to the people of Namibia for the atrocities committed by the German colonial forces.