OREANDA-NEWS. Former President of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev said that the riots that recently took place in Washington “called into question the future fate of the USA as a state.”

In a comment given to the news agency Interfax, the politician expressed confidence that the storm of the Capitol was planned in advance. “A little time will pass, and we will figure out why this was really done,” Gorbachev concluded.

The ex-President of the USSR also expressed the hope that people of the new generation will gradually understand the mortal danger of the arms race. “People who do not want war will unite, and their leaders will have to find a way out. They will find a way out and find new forms of treaty, taking into account new types of weapons. We should not lose hope,” he said.

On January 6, supporters of Donald Trump stormed the Capitol building, where US Congress was to approve the victory of Democratic candidate Joe Biden in the presidential election. During the riots, four people died.