OREANDA-NEWS. Swedish 16 year old eco-activist Greta Thunberg changed the bio on her Twitter page following a speech of Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting of the forum “Russian Energy Week”.

The Russian leader said he praises the desire of adolescents to solve environmental problems, but noted that the use of children in someone’s personal interests “deserves nothing but condemnation.” At the same time, the politician called Greta “a kind and sincere teenager.” According to Putin, nobody did not explain to Thunberg that “the modern world is complex and multiform, it is developing rapidly, and people in Africa or in many Asian countries want to live at the same level of prosperity as in Sweden.”

After it, the eco-activist’s bio was changed to the following: “A kind, but poorly informed teenager.”

Before it the bio was: “A very happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future,” which is the citation of the USA President Donald Trump.

On September 24, Thunberg spoke to the politicians on climate change during the UN General Assembly in New York. In her speech the activist told about the death of people and ecosystems due to climate change and accused the countries’ leaders that they think only about money and economic growth. Thunberg said: “This is all wrong. I shouldn't be up here. I should be back in school on the other side of the ocean yet you all come to us young people for hope. How dare you?.. You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words”.