OREANDA-NEWS. As Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said, the Russian authorities in the situation with Alexei Navalny proceed from legislation, and not from concern about her image, as "a young lady who is going to the ball."

During the press conference, Foreign Minister said that "after all, we must, first of all, do our own work. Our work is to implement Russian foreign policy." He added that "the case with Navalny has acquired a foreign policy sound artificially and completely unlawful," and his detention is within the competence of law enforcement agencies.

Earlier, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, responding to calls from Western countries to release Navalny, said that their goal was to divert attention from the deepest crisis in which the liberal development model found itself. According to him, "you can directly feel with what joy their comments are coming, all the same."

According to representatives of the department, Navalny was on the wanted list, when he came back to Russia from Germany on Sunday. Right upon arrival he was detained at the airport. The further measure of restraint for Navalny will be determined by the court, and until the court's decision he will be in custody.