OREANDA-NEWS. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that in the context of the spread of the coronavirus of a new type, he still does not intend to isolate the country.

“As of today, as the situation is developing, I do not intend to isolate and close the country. […] If we did this – now it can be seen – in March, or in February, or in April, we would reap the fruits that Kyrgyzstan is reaping today,” Lukashenko said at a meeting in Minsk. According to the head of state, if quarantine measures were introduced, now people would not have jobs and “even the little salary,” and the country’s economy would collapse.

In Belarus, against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, neither quarantine, nor curfew, nor restrictions on the movement of people were imposed. The republic did not close its borders. Meanwhile, citizens are advised to maintain social distance, personal hygiene, and wear masks in public places.