OREANDA-NEWS. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that if someone does not like him as head of state, the question of his presidency can be resolved only through election. He expressed this opinion during his visit to the Gorizont plant in Minsk.

“I want the country to be quiet and calm. Probably, you yourself want this too. If you do not like the current president, then only election can solve this issue. Only election. I say this, no matter how someone likes it,” the politician said.

Lukashenko explained why he decided to declare 2021 the Year of National Unity. “I just want to confirm that I did not do this in order to show something to someone. Although it probably makes sense for people to understand that I am not an enemy to my own people and to myself first of all,” the Belarusian President said, noting that he would like to achieve peace in the republic.