OREANDA-NEWS. Head of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that more than 70 presidential powers are proposed to be transferred to other levels.

Lukashenko heard a report on the development of the national tax system. First Deputy Prime Minister Nikolay Snopkov, Minister of Taxes Sergey Nalivaiko and Minister of Finance Yury Seliverstov attended the meeting.

“Since there has been a lot of talk about the redistribution of powers lately, and someone clearly lacks them, basically this is correct: the government and other authorities need to be loaded, there is a need to remove unusual issues from the president. Recently I received a note; 71 powers are proposed… to transfer from the president to other levels of power,” Lukashenko said.

He also noted that, not interfering with the work of the government, he would like to discuss with officials the issues of improving the tax system of Belarus.