OREANDA-NEWS. Weakened and blocked mechanisms of international cooperation do not allow the United Nations Security Council to make useful decisions, French President Emmanuel Macron said in an interview with Le Grand Continent, published on November 16.

“The framework of multilateral cooperation is weakened today because it is blocked. I have to admit that the UN Security Council is no longer working out useful solutions today,” the politician said. “We are collectively responsible when some are held hostage to crises of multilateralism, like the World Health Organization,” Macron added.

In this regard, the French President called for “rethinking useful forms of cooperation,” as well as “modernizing structures and restoring the balance of relations.” “For this we need strong political Europe. I think this is the only way to impose our values, our common voice, in order to avoid a Sino-American duopoly, discord, and the return of hostile regional powers,” Macron explained.