OREANDA-NEWS. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is not sure that the heads of state and government of the European Union will be able to reach a compromise on the budget plan for 2021–2027 at the Brussels summit.

She announced this to reporters after arrival at the summit. According to the politician, the main problem of the discussion will be the need to liquidate a budget deficit of 11 billion euros per year, which is formed due to the Brexit.

“Germany is determined to reach a solution here. We can’t say yet whether we can do this,” the Chancellor said. “But I hope that at least we can make significant progress. It would be nice to do this,” she added. “We are still unhappy with the current negotiations,” she said, expressing the opinion that among European countries the balance of contributions to the budget has not yet been worked out correctly. “Germany will actively work to find a solution,” Merkel concluded.