OREANDA-NEWS Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin asked members of the Russian government to be more attentive to their public statements and to avoid any ambiguity in their words.

The chairman of the cabinet reminded that each minister is responsible for each word he says. He explained that every single word the ministers say is carefully analyzed by business representatives and financiers. The ambiguity in the words about Russian public companies can be negatively interpreted and, in its turn, it affects quotations or investment decisions, and even cause direct damage to the economy of the country. He asks his ministers to be attentive in this matter. Mishustin addressed this request to all his colleagues, without specifying, however, in connection with what or with whom he makes this warning.

Perhaps Mikhail Mishustin said this meaning the recent statement of the Energy Minister. It is about Last Friday, when after the statement by Deputy Energy Minister Pavel Sorokin that the option of reducing dividends was being considered to finance social gasification, the quotations of Gazprom's shares sagged significantly. Although the deputy head of the department stressed that the Ministry of Finance was unlikely to agree to such options, the company had to issue a statement assuring that there were no plans to cut dividends.