OREANDA-NEWSNo deals between the new president of Ukraine and Vladimir Putin or Moscow are needed. "You should build normal relations in the interests of Russians and Ukrainians", said Russian Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov. So he commented on the statement of the Ukrainian politician Viktor Medvedchuk - he believes that the new president of Ukraine can make a deal with the Kremlin and then return the Donbass.

Peskov stressed that in the situation with the Donbas it should be based solely on the Minsk agreements, the Russian media reports. At the same time, Moscow has not yet heard from the Ukrainian candidates "intelligible explanations regarding the Minsk agreements" and the prospects for the proclaimed republics of Donbass. “None of the candidates has expressed a slender concept for this,” explained Peskov, adding that this issue “remains in the gray zone for the time being.” In any case, the Kremlin hopes that the new president of Ukraine will not relate to the “party of war” and will exclude the use of force to resolve the situation in the Donbas, and also look at the prospects for Russian-Ukrainian relations differently.

A spokesman for the president said he respects Medvedchuk, and his efforts, including those aimed at liberating Ukrainian sailors who violated the Russian border in the Kerch Strait, are taken into account by the Kremlin. The degree of guilt of seafarers should be established by the court, but so far the investigation is under way, noted Peskov. He also said that the question of the possibility of returning seamen to their homeland to serve their sentence there is still premature.

Peskov also said that the staff of the presidential administration will record the debates of presidential candidates in Ukraine on video so that Putin can watch the recording if he has free time.