OREANDA-NEWS. Georgian police began to disperse demonstrators near the national parliament building in Tbilisi.

On November 14, the Georgian parliament did not adopt constitutional amendments implying a transition from a mixed system of parliamentary elections to proportional. A number of deputies of the ruling party “Georgian Dream” announced their withdrawal from it. After that, protests by oppositionists, public associations and their supporters began in front of the parliament building.

After that, all opposition forces united against the government. Protesters demand holding early parliamentary elections and appointing a transitional government. As of November 18, according to the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs, 5.5 thousand people are participating in the rally near the parliament building.

On November 18, the police began to dismantle the tents of the protesters. The Deputy Head of the Department of Patrol Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia Kakhi Bukhradze said that demonstrators blocking the entrance to the parliament should release them within half an hour. After the waiting period expired, riot policemen began marching towards the protesters with rifles and shields.

Rustavi 2 channel reports that the officers of special mission units use batons, water cannon and tear gas. It is noted that some of the opposition activists lay on the road to prevent policemen from moving. According to TASS agency, the special units managed to free one of the entrances to the parliament.