OREANDA-NEWS. As Russian Ambassador to the Syrian Arab Republic Alexander Efimov said in an interview with RIA Novosti, the "Caesar's Law" adopted by the United States hinders the work of UN structures and non-governmental organizations providing assistance to the Syrian population. At the same time, the number of those who understand the destructiveness of such a sanctions policy continues to expand.

According to Efimov, "the" Caesar's Law "adopted in the USA brought the restrictions of the West against Syria to a fundamentally new level. Now, under fear of possible persecution from Washington, even those economic operators whose activities are not formally subject to the embargo are distancing themselves from interaction with Syria. "a chilling effect" due to which the scale of the sanctions pressure both on Damascus and on its partners has multiplied. The restrictions imposed on Syria affect the work of various UN structures and non-governmental organizations that directly help the Syrians. "

The ambassador noted that the humanitarian organizations themselves stated that unilateral anti-Syrian sanctions are a key barrier in the provision of humanitarian assistance, for example, in the supply of medicines and many other activities, and "humanitarian withdrawals" are ineffective and inadequate.

Alexander Efimov said that "Russia has also repeatedly pointed out that the sanctions against Syria are illegal and inhuman." He added that the Russian side has consistently advocated a complete cessation or at least weakening of such restrictive measures introduced unilaterally.