OREANDA-NEWS. Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu declared that the United States is blatantly and unceremoniously robbing oil fields in Syria, while at the same time Washington bans oil supplies to this country.

“Firstly, the oil field, the territory on which oil is extracted, is controlled by the United States. There is an undisguised, unceremonious looting of wealth that belongs to Syria and the Syrian people. Secondly, it is forbidden to bring oil there,” Shoygu said during a press conference after the talks in Rome with his Italian counterpart Lorenzo Guerini and the foreign ministers of the two countries. “Thirdly, most of the people suffering in Syria need heat, hot water, electricity, which, as we understand it, is taken from hydrocarbons that are forbidden to be supplied there, and they themselves are able to produce them not everywhere and not always,” Russian Defense Minister concluded.