OREANDA-NEWS. Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny said that he did not move a millimeter from his positions. This is what Navalny wrote on his Instagram page. The post was published on Friday, May 4, the politician's birthday. The opposition leader called the fight against corruption and a fair trial for villains a key part of his agenda.

«I really didn't want to get angry. Well, you know, these kinds of events are very conducive to turning a person into some kind of hunted wolf. Hating everyone, dreaming of shooting and landing enemies. In order to sleep, you don't count the sheep, but the ones you hang in the first week of coming to power. Such emotions are understandable to me, and — to be honest — I was afraid that they would become a big part of me. After all, the plan was exactly the opposite: to love and understand all people a little more», wrote Navalny.

«I'm not a crazy pacifist or a religious fanatic. I didn't move a millimeter from my position. The fight against corruption and a fair trial for the villains is a key part of my agenda. I hope I can say today that the achievement of the year — I seem to stay away from the state of «the beast in the cage». And you are very helpful to me in this. I get letters and telegrams and I always think: people are so good, how can you not love them?», wrote politician on his page.