OREANDA-NEWS. Dmitry Peskov, press secretary of the Russian President, said that the leadership of the country “looks forward to” information about the course of treatment of opposition politician Aleksey Navalny in Berlin. “We have noted the statement of the German Foreign Minister and we are very satisfied that in due time such information will be provided, that there is no reason that would prevent the provision of such information,” he stressed.

Earlier, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany, Heiko Maas, said that the authorities of the country had approved the request from Russia for legal assistance in the case of Navalny, and Berlin do not see any obstacles to the exchange of information.

The Russian Prosecutor General’s Office of Russia sent a request to the German Ministry of Justice on August 27. The agency asked for data on the politician’s treatment, test results for narcotic drugs, poisons, heavy metals and cholinesterase inhibitors.