OREANDA-NEWS  Sergey Lavrov, who is the head of the foreign ministry, said that the West wants to make Russia "obedient" and convenient for promoting its own interests. He also clarified that each time these attempts are becoming more fierce. Minister Sergey Lavrov told about this on February 10, on Tuesday.

Lavrov also stressed that by their actions the Western countries are trying to prevent Russia from becoming independent and defending its right to an independent foreign policy.

Sergey Lavrov also pointed out that the West is trying to impose dubious universal values ​​on the Russians. These values, according to Lavrov, contravene to Russian culture and civilizational traditions.

Western countries want Russia to be a "convenient" territory for promoting their own interests in security, in the economy, and in the socio-political sphere, the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

In addition to this, the head of the Russian foreign policy department called on the current Russian diplomats to act persistently to advance the foreign policy course determined by the Russian president.