OREANDA-NEWS The main cause of the death of submariners in the deep-water apparatus of the Navy was a fire in the battery compartment.

This was reported by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to Russian President Vladimir Putin, writes the Regnum news agency.

 “The main cause of the incident has been established - it is a fire in the battery compartment, and then it got a certain distribution,” said Shoigu.

The head of the Ministry of Defense noted that the nuclear power plant of the submarine is in working condition, the submarine itself can be restored in a fairly short time.

July 14, 14 submariners perished as a result of a state of emergency on a submarine in the Barents Sea. Earlier, Shoigu told about the heroism of the crew members who did not allow the death of the deep-water apparatus and saved their comrades, but they themselves were killed.