OREANDA-NEWS. Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been hospitalized for a routine check-up at the Monaco cardiothoracic Center. Politician will stay in the clinic for a few days. After he will return home. Berlusconi's hospitalization is linked to a major heart operation he underwent several years ago. The politician lay down on the surgeon's desk in May 2019. Then he underwent surgery on the intestines.

In the fall of 2020, the 84-year-old former prime minister was ill with a coronavirus infection. He was hospitalized for two weeks with bilateral pneumonia. According to Berlusconi himself, he felt so bad that he feared for his life. He also said that this disease is «hell».

In Milan and several other Italian cities, there are still trials in the case of Berlusconi's use of the services of underage prostitutes. The former prime minister was acquitted in 2014, but then new circumstances opened up in the case-the investigation believes that some witnesses could have given false testimony. Currently, trials are held at the places of residence of suspects in perjury. One of the meetings, that Berlusconi was supposed to attend, was canceled due to the disease of the politician.