OREANDA-NEWS. The television channel ERR reports that the resolution accusing the USSR of unleashing the Second World War and conspiring with the Third Reich was adopted by the Estonian parliament on February 19.

The deputies condemned the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact, referring to secret protocols to this document. In addition, they declared their support of Poland, which also accuses the Soviet Union of unleashing the war. Estonian parliamentarians said that they support those countries of the European Union that “Russia has recently attributed to responsible for unleashing the Second World War.” The signatories of the resolution also said that Moscow is engaged in rewriting history, “denying the role of the Soviet Union as one of the main initiators of the Second World War.”

The Russian Ambassador to Estonia Alexander Petrov called the resolution a sacrilege. “This is an openly unfriendly act of the Estonian parliament, which will complicate the atmosphere of our bilateral relations. Such actions are worthy of regret and decisive condemnation,” he said.