OREANDA-NEWS. A bill has been submitted to The state Duma that will restrict the non-judicial procedure for selecting children from the family. This was told  by the Head of the Duma Committee on state construction and legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov.

According to this information, in accordance with the bill, the issue of removing children from the family will be handled by the court. To do this, the Civil procedure code will be supplemented with a new category of special proceedings cases — on the removal of a child from the parents (one of them) or from other persons in whose care he is, in the event of an immediate threat to the child's life or health.

Krasheninnikov noted that the possibility to remove the child from the family without a court decision will remain. However, this will only happen if the child is at risk of dying within a few hours.

"The proposed norms are aimed at ensuring constitutional provisions for the protection of the family, creating conditions for decent upbringing of children in the family," Krasheninnikov added.

The extrajudicial removal of children has received widespread attention after a number of controversial cases. For example, at the end of may, custody officers and police officers took children from their parents in the Orenburg region, explaining it as dangerous living conditions. Later it turned out that there was no harm to the children's health, and the reason for the actions of the guardianship authorities was the appeal of their mother, who complained about the emergency condition of the house.

The Investigative Committee, as well as the Prosecutor's office, promised to check the actions of the police and guardianship authorities. As a result, a criminal case of negligence was initiated (article 293 of the criminal code). They pointed out the possible abuse of police powers. The head of the municipal district was dismissed, and the Governor of the Orenburg region instructed to help with the arrangement of housing and employment of the father of the family.