OREANDA-NEWS. The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov condemned the actions of the Israeli authorities in Jerusalem. He called the military operation unjustified. On Monday, May 10, the politician published a post in the Telegram-channel. He wrote about the events in the Al-Aqsa mosque, where armed Israeli special forces broke in. According to Kadyrov, as a result of the use of weapons and special equipment, hundreds of Muslims were injured. He emphasized, that this happened on the last Friday of Ramadan, when thousands of believers gathered to pray.

«Muslims around the world have two of the most revered holidays. And Ramadan is one of them. The Israeli authorities have chosen the most sacred days for believers to carry out the punitive operation. This is nothing but a provocation in the most sophisticated form», wrote politician.

Kadyrov said, that the international community should not and cannot remain silent against the background of what is happening. «The lawlessness in East Jerusalem must be stopped immediately. One way or another, it will be stopped. Don't doubt it», wrote the head of Chechnya.