OREANDA-NEWS. Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov, speaking about new possible US sanctions against the Russian Federation, said that "there is no smoke without fire," and that the Kremlin condemns and considers any sanctions as illegal.

He also noted that Moscow would not want relations with the United States to be built on the Leninist formula: "one step forward, two steps back."

Peskov told reporters: "It is clear that there is no smoke without fire. And, most likely, we are talking about some kind of" leaks "to American newspapers. For now, of course, we will not comment on newspaper reports, we will still wait if any specific decisions are announced by official Washington. "

Speaking about sanctions, the presidential press secretary recalled the position of the Russian Federation: “As for the sanctions, the approach here - it cannot change in any way. We condemn any such aspirations of sanctions, we consider them illegal, and in any case the principle of reciprocity in this matter - reciprocity so that we can best serve our own interests. "

On Wednesday, Bloomberg reported, citing sources, that the United States intends to impose sanctions on Russia in connection with suspicions that the Russian side is allegedly behind the hacking of the SolarWinds software ("Solarwinds") and allegedly interfering in the US presidential elections. According to him, the new US anti-Russian sanctions will include restrictions related to the sovereign debt of the Russian Federation.