OREANDA-NEWS. The Prosecutor General's Office again sent a request for legal assistance to the German colleagues regarding the incident with the hospitalization of Alexei Navalny.

The press service of the Russian department said that "the General Prosecutor's Office of Russia, following the results of studying the materials transmitted by Germany about the alleged complete fulfillment of requests for legal assistance regarding Navalny's hospitalization, sent another request to the competent judicial authorities of Germany."

It is reported that Germany rejected most of the Russian petitions, and the transferred interrogation protocols of Navalny and his wife turned out to be "meaningless", the release notes. The Russian department interpreted this as "complete non-compliance with Russian requests on formal grounds."

The German Ministry of Justice explained that medical data can only be transferred with the patient's consent, which, apparently, was not received. The same goes for interrogating doctors. On the whole, according to the German authorities, the answers to the Russian inquiries were given "to the point."

The Prosecutor General's Office of Russia, however, considers Germany's actions to be an attempt to hide the facts about what happened.

According to the Russian side, its requests, including the interrogation of doctors, the provision of medical history, copies of examinations, were not executed. In addition, Germany has refused to provide conclusions on the results of research on the bottles, which, according to it, found traces of the Novichok combat poison. Instead, the Prosecutor General's Office notes, "it was proposed to take everything at their word, without providing any facts."