OREANDA-NEWS. One of the main consequences of the collapse of the USSR is the disappearance of the idea of political and ideological universalism, which acted as a universal argument in any dispute anywhere in the world. Russia, unlike the USSR, has no opportunity to claim a similar scale of world expansion, said sociologist Alexander Filippov in an interview with Russian media Lenta.

«This is exactly the process of great importance, because it was then that a lot collapsed and disappeared forever. Russia has no comparable ideas, no comparable mobilizing force to make such world expansions as the USSR. And it is impossible to assume that they will appear», Filippov summed up.

He explained his position by the fact that the USSR, in trying to achieve the desired result, could always influence people with the ideology of the world socialist system, which was as valuable a lever of pressure as politics or finance.

«This allowed USSR to spend huge resources not only on economic, political, but also ideological presence everywhere. If it was necessary to get access to mines somewhere in Africa, then, in addition to military equipment, there was also the all-conquering doctrine of Marxism-Leninism», the sociologist added.