OREANDA-NEWS The State Duma adopted a resolution, which defines a number of bills that must be considered and adopted as a matter of priority.

Among them are projects on empowering the Central Bank with powers to regulate, control and supervise auditing organizations performing audits of socially significant organizations in the financial market, as well as regulating financial assets created and / or issued using digital financial technologies.

Projects on the creation of a special mechanism for blocking websites used in the financial market for illegal purposes, on financial marketplaces and developing a single biometric system, on increasing the level of protection of rights and legitimate interests of investors, primarily unqualified, in the financial market are also among the top priorities.

As a matter of priority, it is proposed to consider projects on ensuring the possibility of repaying the borrower - the individual part of the insurance premium paid for early repayment of the loan (loan), strengthening regulatory requirements for microfinance organizations, including establishing a ban on issuing loans secured by housing, on improving the quality of credit bureau services.