OREANDA-NEWS. Anton Gorelkin, a member of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, supported the blocking of US President Donald Trump's Facebook and Twitter accounts in connection with the riots and noted that the situation once again showed the power of social networks as a tool to influence people.

Anton Gorelkin is convinced that if Trump did not have independent access to a huge audience, this situation would not have happened. He believes that "although Trump did not directly call for the assault, his Facebook and Twitter accounts have been blocked. And this is perhaps the first time I think blocking a politician is correct. The outgoing president's rash statements have already resulted in human casualties."

According to the politician, the situation once again proves that social networks must operate according to strict rules within the framework of the law, since "absolute information freedom is becoming a weapon of extremists."

On January 6, supporters of the incumbent US President Donald Trump, who gathered in Washington for a rally to support him, attacked the Congress building. The attack took place during a meeting at which the official results of the last elections were summed up. The police were forced to use tear gas and flash grenades.