OREANDA-NEWS. The incumbent US President Donald Trump condemned the violence during the protest actions of his supporters in Washington and the storm of the Capitol. The politician said this in a video message posted on his Twitter page.

Trump promised that those who broke the law would pay for it. He also stated that those who used violence that day are not representatives of the United States. While “emotions are high” after an “intense” presidential election, “tempers must be cooled and calm restored,” the head of the White House resumed.

Trump also promised that he would focus on the legal and peaceful transfer of power to the new administration. The President assured that inauguration of his rival in the election, democrat Joe Biden will take place as planned on January 20.

The President explained that, trying to challenge the election results in court, he just tried to ensure the integrity of the election. Trump said that he acted out of the need to protect American democracy. He also noted that he is still convinced of the need to reform the electoral legislation.