OREANDA-NEWS. US President Donald Trump signed a new tripartite agreement on free trade between Mexico, the USA and Canada (United States – Mexico – Canada Agreement, USMCA) after approval of the document by the Congress.

The White House’s report released on January 29 indicated that the USMCA will supersede the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) of 1992. According to Washington, the USMCA is designed to provide new jobs in the United States and improve protection for “hardworking Americans” across the country.

Trump declared that the new agreement became a “huge victory for millions of American workers and businesses.” According to him, the USMCA will protect the people of the USA.

The United States, Mexico and Canada signed an agreement at the end of November 2018 at the G20 summit in Argentina. Negotiations before signing lasted more than a year. The document should enter into force after it is ratified by the parliaments of all three countries.