Ukraine is actively developing the border with Russia on the territory of the Sumy region in order to ensure security and defense in case of «armed aggression». This is stated in a message on the website of the Ukrainian state border service. The ministry added that the border is also needed to prevent migrants and drugs from entering the country through it.
«The State Border Service continues systematic work to strengthen the engineering arrangement [of the state border of Ukraine]. Special attention is paid to the section of the Russian-Ukrainian border», the ministry said in a statement.
The State Border Service noted that the arrangement of a section of the border with Russia has, among other things, a defensive aspect. The border is also being equipped to reduce the «migration risk», the danger of moving the means of terror, weapons and drugs. In addition, according to Ukrainian border guards, fortification elements will complicate the actions of the enemy in the event of armed aggression.
At this time, active work on strengthening the border with the involvement of special equipment is being carried out within the Sumy region. Also, local self-government bodies are carrying out work on the inventory of land along the border. It is planned to use it for the construction and maintenance of engineering and fortification structures.