OREANDA-NEWS. The US House of Representatives passed a bill that aims to counter Russian energy supplies to Europe. The document states that the United States should reduce the dependence of the countries of the European region on Russian energy resources, increase competition in the market, assist US companies that invest in European energy infrastructure, and increase exports of technologies and energy resources to the EU. In addition, the United States intends to support the construction of pipelines that would help in achieving these goals.

EarlierCongress passed a bill that suggests that the United States will "fightagainst Russia's influence in VenezuelaThe document claims that Russia maintains close contacts with the Venezuelan authoritiesin particularwith the country's presidentNicolas MaduroAfter the adoption of the draft lawthe state secretary is obliged to publicly give a public report on cooperation between Russia and Venezuela within four monthswhich should contain an assessment of the “danger”  of such cooperation.

Before this, the authors of the draft law noted that Russia closely cooperates with Venezuela, in particular, it provides loans and holds joint exercises. And if it is accepted, the Secretary of State should provide the relevant agencies with an assessment of “Russian-Venezuelan cooperation”, which can be potentially dangerous for the United States.

The sanction measure may be the refusal to issue US visas to Russians, who on behalf of the “Russian government” support the “Venezuelan security forces”.

American foreign policy is getting harder every day, the US is adopting more and more bills containing anti-Russian sanctions, we add that the House of Representatives always makes a unanimous decision