OREANDA-NEWS. The US House of Representatives voted for an initiative to increase direct payments to citizens of the country as part of measures to stimulate the national economy from 600 to 2 thousand dollars.

It is noted that the proposal was supported by 275 legislators, while 134 opposed it. Now the bill should be submitted to the Senate.

The disbursement of 600 dollars was foreseen in the draft budget for fiscal 2021, which began on October 1. On December 28, the incumbent US President Donald Trump signed the draft budget. It includes a 900 billion dollars economic aid package. Media note that since last Saturday, unemployed American citizens would have lost their benefits if Trump refused to sign the document.

US lawmakers were unable to agree on a full-fledged budget by October 1, when fiscal 2021 began in the country. As a result, several resolutions have already been adopted on the extension of funding for state institutions.